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Your Dream. Our Privilege.

Who We Are

Matt McMurray and Michelle Lee started 9 Dots Lending to help make our clients' dreams come true. It may sound cliché, but we truly believe there is no better mission. Together, we have over 40 years of combined real estate, business, and customer service experience. Along with our professional team, we are here to assist you by sharing our knowledge and expertise. From the point of initial contact through your closing, our commitment is to provide sincere and straightforward service to assist you in achieving your dreams.

About 9 Dots Lending

At 9 Dots Lending, we pride ourselves on working with your best interests in mind throughout the loan process. We have access to multiple lenders which allows us to tailor a loan program for your specific needs. 


From the initial consultation, through the application process, and ultimately, through closing,

we are not just your mortgage broker. We are your partner, and our goal is to help you understand how the financing options available to you may impact your largest asset.


This means that if we don't believe a particular product makes sense for you, we will help guide you to make the best decision possible to meet your current needs and your unique financial situation.

He's a Teacher

He's a Teacher

Matt brings more than 15 years of teaching experience to his role as Loan Officer. He has helped his students understand the intricacies of math and physics. Let him help you untangle the web of home financing and put it in lay terms.

She's an Organizer

She's an Organizer

Michelle has over 20 years of experience in business management and operations. Her attention to detail will help ensure a smooth and successful closing.

She's All About Customer Service

Michelle's commitment to building strong relationships is second to none. She believes the client comes first and will work to ensure every detail is met and expectations are exceeded throughout the loan process.

She's A Teacher

He's All About 
Real Estate

Matt loves to tinker. From designing floorplans to fixing and flipping homes, he understands the ins and outs of the real estate market from a contractor's perspective. He will help you define the possibilities and finance your dream home.

He's All About Real Estate

Let us help you purchase, refinance, or remodel your home. 
Share your dream  today.

Your Dream. Our Privilege.


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